Feel the freedom of knowing your Body and Mind.

There is a lot of mental health information being presented to us daily through social media. While it is great that everyone is talking more about mental health, this can also make it confusing on where to start on your own mental health journey. This course is made to guide you through the process of understanding mental health on a biological level so that you can have an informed perspective of how and why you respond to certain experiences. After taking this course, you will have a great insight into mental health and have an easier time navigating any further needs you may have.

I hope you enjoy this course and it brings you a sense of relief knowing that a lot of mental health struggles have nothing to do with you personally, but rather the human condition.

Sarah Chouffot, RSSW

Sarah Chouffot, RSSW

A little bit about me and why I created this course

I am someone who has experienced anxiety for as long as I can remember. It starting as stomachaches and avoidance and then turned into this non stop buzzing which would eventually become so bad, panic attacks were a regular occurrence along with all these pains and symptoms that doctors could not explain. Unfortunately I was not someone who could afford mental health support, and to be honest, its still not in the budget due the how incredibly expensive it is! For those of us that do not have benefits coverage or the time to commit to seeking mental health support due to time constraints of working hours and family responsibilites, I decided to help with an alternative option! The "Biology of Mental Health". Everything in this course is information I have applied to my own life, and it has made an incredible difference!

As a Registered Social Service Worker and a Bachelors of Social Work student, I pride myself on the incredible amount of information I have filled my head with. I have grown my knowledge base past that of my professional title, and now I can share that information with you! I have had the privelege to take part in a lot of extra learning opportunities as well as having an insatuable thirst for audiobooks. With over 300 audiobooks listened to, I have pulled from all of these sources to bring you the most valuable parts. There is no doubt that a lot of information could still be add to this course, but the information highlighted is the most important to support you in becoming more resilient and feeling yourself again!